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Stick Tip vs Nano-Tip Hair Extensions – An Art to Enrich Beauty and Style!

Shampoo commercial locks are not exactly a myth. As long as you have the right nano hair extensions, you can add more volume to your hair, and it is also possible to add length if you cannot wait to grow out your hair. For more permanent results, consider stick tip hair extension wefts which are available in the UK. These are also known as ‘I-tips’, stick tipped hair extensions use high-quality and cuticle correct Chinese Remy hair, which can last up to two or three months. It is easy to apply them using micro-rings, which are clamped until they are completely secured to your natural hair. Consider having an expert apply them to your hair for best results. The same tools will also be used to remove them.

Stick tip hair extensions can be great alternatives to synthetic products if you want longer-lasting volume. They make hair easier to style, too. That is because they are real human hair extensions in the UK. Due to their material, they can easily be styled using tools like your hair dryer and curling or straightening irons. These products are also known for their safety, as they do not require any glue or heat for application. For extra grip and cushion, you may prefer to use micro-rings with a silicone lining on them. Our nano hair extensions are extremely popular as the are more discreet than stick-tip extensions, these are available in different lengths, like 14”, 18”, 20”, and 22”.

These human hair extensions come in more than 20 natural colour tones, as well as in vibrant, ombre colours. That way, you should be able to find the right product that will suit your natural or current hair colour. Consider getting 0.5-gram hair extension if you have thin hair, and one gram to achieve a thicker volume. Bundles are typically sold in 25 strands. Consider buying these products from a trusted retailer of nano hair extensions that offer next-day delivery, in case you need them quickly.