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Tangling and Shedding of Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions tangle. Period! Even superior or costly extensions! Natural locks can also tangle.  Thus, it is to be expected that hair extensions will tangle as well. You might never be able to fully avoid that, but tangling can be reduced in some ways. The same applies for shedding. Around 100 strands are shed by your natural locks daily. Although extensions are affixed to a bond or weft, you can find them shedding a little when you style, wash or brush through the same. Thus, any extension – whether those bonded or clipped in to your hair, last for a specific period . It depends on the way you wear, wash or style them.

How to Brush Extensions Properly?

Brushing is of course the first thing to learn. You should always carry a good comb or hair extension brush in your makeup kit or purse. You can quickly have your locks brushed on the move or at work.

Wet extensions have to be first towel-dried, and then rubbed softly. It is best to do this under the shower, while your hair still has a little conditioner left in it.

Dry extensions need no special care. Just look after them as you do with your natural hair strands and keep them tangle-free.

How to Sleep Well With Hair Extensions?

Tie hair in a braid or ponytail. It will prevent your hair strands from moving about a lot and producing knots. Tangling results from this friction. You can avoid this by tying hair down. In case you have clip-in variety extensions, remove them always before sleeping. You do not have to sleep with those extensions.

How to Prevent Tangling with Aftercare Products?

You can prevent tangling of hair extensions with the help of superior hair extension aftercare products. It is possible to find a lot of them, and you can easily come across one that matches your requirements.

However, in an attempt to avoid shedding, do not wash hair too frequently or use too many products. In most cases, there is not need to use any product on your hair. This is meant for only on the nights that you go out or for special occasions. Thus, the less the number of products that you use on hair, the less frequently your hair needs to be given a wash.