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Tips to Taking Care of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Unlike glue-in hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions are safer for your hair as they don't require using glue or any heating element. And compared to clip-in hair extensions, micro rings last longer. With proper care, they can stay beautiful and tangle-free for a long time. Want to know how to take care of your micro ring hair extensions? Follow these tips.

Wash micro ring hair extensions after three days :You don't need to wash your micro ring hair extensions right after they are fitted. Hair experts say that you should never wash within the first 48 hours. You can start washing them after 72 hours of application.

Don't wash too often:Washing your hair extensions is absolutely necessary so that they don't smell and get dirty. However, you should avoid washing them too often or they may get damaged. Ideally, micro ring hair extensions should be shampooed twice a week. Also, make sure to use the conditioner to keep them soft and silky.

Use the preferred shampoo and conditioner:When it's time to wash your micro ring hair extension, make sure to buy the shampoo and conditioner recommended by the manufacturer. In case they don't recommend any type or brand, then just search for hair-cleansing products that are hair extension friendly.

Detangle your hair extensions while they are dry:Hair sheds more when it's wet. To minimize shedding, detangle the hair while it is dry. Make sure a comb with wide teeth. Always start at the ends of the hair so that you don't dislodge the hair extensions accidentally. Work your way towards the micro rings, gently pulling or tugging the knots if there are any.

Dry your hair gently: You can either towel dry or use a blower for this step. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. Instead, pat on it gently to avoid tangling. If you are using a blower, keep it on low heat.

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