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Top five Christmas looks: Create with pre-bonded hair extensions.

What is meant by 'Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions'?

It is a kind of hair extension which got its name from the pre-tipped keratin bond at the top of each strand. It is joined to original hair by heating the keratin tip at its end. This kind of hair extension has an average life of ninety days, but it may last more or even less depending on how you use it. For maintenance, it should be washed for not more than three times a week and should be brushed before washing.

As long tresses are the latest craze and still going ahead in the race for popularity. This Christmas flaunt some of the 'Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions' styles mentioned below. These styles are also appreciated and flaunted by celebrities:

Center Part --Use a Back-Combing Hairbrush and make a deep parting, then apply shine or texture spray. The style is complete and elegance is visible. This style was the rage during Miu Miu's Paris fashion show.

Half-Up, Half-Down --- Make a ponytail, wrap it with the extension and then fix it firmly with a ponytail holder. Now decorate with any hair accessory. Kim Kardashian has used this style many times.

A Ponytail with Control–This is a Janet Jackson favourite. Smoothen hair and form a ponytail put it firmly in place with elastic which is snag-free Use a spray to add body now fluff out the ponytail.

Beach Wave High Pony---In this style your ponytail has waves that cascade on your back this can be done by blow-drying your hair towards the ponytail and then apply some gel to slick it back use a hair tie to secure it firmly and then wrap some hair around the ponytail now use a curling iron to add more life to the style.

Kinky Straight–First of all, tie the hair in a high ponytail put some gel on it and use an elastic to secure it. Your original hair should be wrapped by this ponytail now. Let the hair go loose apply some gel and it’s done.

Try these gorgeous yet easy hairstyles and make heads turn this Christmas.