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Understanding Human Remy Hair Extensions.

The human Remy hair extension is one of the most favoured types of extensions these days. Its popularity can be attributed to its more natural look and feel—a kind of luxury that synthetic hair extensions can't ever achieve. After all, Human Remy hair extensions are made from natural human hair strands. Obviously, they will blend excellently with the colour and the texture of your locks. Want to try human Remy hair extensions? Here's everything you need to know about it.

How is it different from virgin hair?

Virgin hair and Remy hair are both types of human hair extensions. As the name implies, virgin hair extensions have never been treated with any kind of chemical. They are kept in their natural form and colour with their cuticles going in the same direction and intact. Remy hair extensions also have full and healthy cuticles that never tangle because the strands go in the same direction from root to tip. However, the hair is dyed with chemicals. Using virgin hair that has never been dyed or bleached, manufacturers process the hair to create a variety of shades and tones of 100% human Remy hair extensions.

What are the different types of Remy hair extensions?

Remy hair extensions are categorised based on how they are made. They are either single-drawn or double-drawn. Single-drawn Remy hair is composed of strands of varying lengths. They are cheaper, but the quality is still top calibre. Double-drawn Remy hair has strands of equal lengths. They are well-sorted to ensure a uniform quality in each bundle.

How durable are Remy hair extensions?

Because they are made from natural human hair, Remy hair can hold up against heat and regular use. Even if you are using a flat iron to create waves or curls, they won't easily get damaged. In fact, they can also be subjected to any treatment, including chemical treatments. If you are bored or feel like experimenting, you may change the colour or perm your Remy hair.