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Washing Hair Extensions

When it comes to washing extensions for hair, you can find a lot of information online. Most of it is from unqualified fashion aficionados or hairstylists, and cannot be believed.

Washing Extensions – How Often To Do So?

No matter what you have read or heard so far, you actually need to wash extensions rarely. Natural hair is washed too often due to the fact that it is made greasy by the oils that come from hair roots. Extensions are not from scalps, and these cannot be made dirty or oily. This can only occur in case you have tried plenty of products over them.

It is typically recommended that you wash hair extensions after wearing them for as many as 30 times. If you wear them daily, wash them once a month. You might be skeptical of this, but it is actually enough.

How to Wash Hair Extensions Properly?

Following fusion attachment, wait for 1 – 2 days before you wet them to have them adhere properly. You have to shampoo at all places (but avoid the bonds) particularly around the area of the scalp where there are braids. Softly scrub it, to make the strands clean and free of grease. Due to extensions and braids, it might be tough to reach the scalp. However, you can make the shampoo enter inside by waiting a bit. Wash the ends properly. Give them a proper rinse, given that residues of shampoo can be as damaging for your hair as dirt. We always recommend using the correct and only specialized hair extension aftercare products.

Your extensions can also be damaged by chlorine and salt water. Thus, while swimming in the sea or in a pool, put on a swim cap to keep them safe. Each time after you take a dip in water, wash your hair well to get rid of any damaging chemicals that might have got in through your cap.

It is even easier to wash flip-in or clip-in hair extensions. Get some lukewarm water and mix a bit hair shampoo into it. Soak the hair extensions for 10 – 12 minutes, avoiding swirling them in the mix so as to prevent tangling. Run cold water over them and rinse well, to entrap the moisture. Softly wring the excess water out. That would be enough.

Types of Hair Products to Use on Extensions

A soft, high quality shampoo is recommended. Be careful while choosing such a product, as some of these might be wrong choices. Nothing that has many chemicals or can have strong effects on hair is a good choice. It is better to use a shampoo with more natural or organic products. Go for one that can moisture, rejuvenate and make your hair shine. A baby shampoo can be a good option.

You can also leave in any hair conditioner which is perfect for the kind of texture your natural locks have. It would make your hair get back its shine, and ensure its good health over time. Avoid using excessive oil or hair sprays that make you wash the strands too frequently, as it might not be good for the long term.