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What are the Common Hair Extension Myths?

Hair extensions are very popular in recent times. So, one needs to be aware of the things which are associated with them. Even a large number of woman are now tending to adopt hair extensions due to the improved quality looks which they offer. This is also resulting to an increase in the number of myths associated with the hair extensions.

Normally myths tend to make people run away from a particular thing. So, one needs to know the things which are real and the things which are just myth. This will help a woman to decide whether they should opt for hair extension or not. These myths are normally created due to one or more people suffering from such an issue but that is mostly not a common issue.

Common myths about hair extensions:

We have discussed here a few of the common myths which are prevalent about the hair extension. It is going to help every woman to make the decision about opting for hair extensions.

Damage hair:Woman normally believes that when they apply for hair extensions, their hairs will get damaged. Except if you apply glue to the hair extension it won’t be damaging your hair. When glued it will break some of the real hair when removed. This problem won’t occur with micro ring hair extensions.

Extensions don’t last long: This is also one of the common myth. We all know that no extension exists which can last definitely but different types are having their own life spans. It is found that micro ring hair extensions is having a lifespan of two to three months. The micro ring will also allow reusing the same extension.

Don’t work with short hair: Micro ring hair extension is getting attached with hair a few centimetres from the root. So, there won’t be a problem with the size of the real hair. Though it is required to have a minimum of 3 to 5 inches of hair for effective attachment.

All extensions are same: There are few of the hair extensions which are processed to avoid the effect of chemicals. So, one can’t say that all the extension are same. They are prepared based on the requirement of a woman who is going to apply them.

Thus, we can say that there are a few of the common myths associated with hair extensions. They are normally created due to one or the other experiences which someone has experienced. But they are not related to all the hair extensions so one can simply call them a myth.