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What Kind Of Hair Extensions Are Suitable To Wear In The Gym?

While trying and gradually adapting to the use of hair extensions many ladies do ask the question that if they can wear their extensions to the gym. Now it depends on the lifestyle and activity level of a person that how much suitable the day to day care, wearing and maintenance of secret hair extensions would be for the person.

Can you wear hair extension to the gym? Yes you can wear. If the fittings of the hair extension are alright and there are no chances of slips, then you can absolutely wear them to anywhere.

Which hair extensions are most suitable for use in gym? The Micro ring hair extensions and Nano ring hair extensions are the best choice for gym goers. These hair extensions are adhered to the hair using small aluminum/copper rings. They are easy fit for gym use compared to weft or tape styled extensions. If you go to the gym regularly then using extensions like keratin bonds, hair wefts, taped extensions, and weaves, you should be extra careful.

The tape hair extensions and the keratin bonded extensions are most likely to slip off the hair as your head gets hot and sweaty after workout. If you are using weft hair extensions, then you may have a hard time trying to hide the weft when you are tying a pony or making a bun. Also the lace weft can feel heavy and hot on the scalp. And if you are using clip-in hair extensions then also the original hair strands where you are clipping the extensions may get stressed when you daily tie them in a pony or bun at gym.

The best hair style with hair extensions for the gym? The best hair style to use in gyms are the conventional hair styles which are ponytails, buns and braids. The more you pull hair too much, the more you stress them, which must be avoided by all means. In case you are using a swimming pool, you must wear a swimming cap. This will protect the hair extensions from any chlorine damage.

How to ensure safety of hair extension in gym? If you are using hair extensions at gym, then avoid steam rooms and saunas. If you still have to use, try wrapping a towel or scarf around the head to protect your extensions from any heat damage.

It’s good to wash off the hair with extensions using a hair extension shampoo, so that you may clean off the sweat and salt from the hair extensions and scalp too.