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How to avoid problems when using heat tools?

Hair Extensions are used by many people today but there are many common questions that go unanswered at times. Most of the hair extension wearers are confused whether they can use heated hair styling products and tools on the hair extensions without damaging and spoiling them before time. It is a yes when it comes to using heated styling tools on hair extensions, but one needs to be careful while using such tools, as they may sometimes damage the extensions.

100% Natural Hair Extensions:

Most of the hair extensions out there are made of natural hair and are completely 100% human hair, which makes it easy for the wearer to use styling products. Heated tools can be used on hair extensions that are natural and 100% human hair. If the wearer is wearing synthetic hair that is not pure human hair, heated styling tools can damage or melt the hair. The polymer based artificial extensions are damaged on use of heat as they are not able to withstand the required temperature.

Is it safe to use hair dryer on hair extensions?

Hair extensions are hair strands either made of 100% human hair or are mixed with artificial hair. It is safe to use a hair dryer on hair extensions that are 100% natural, but appropriate care needs to be taken while using it. It is essential that the user switches to multiple settings of heat while using a hair drier. Low heat is preferred for hair extensions and one can also use cool settings. There are some hair extensions that have pre-bonded glue hair extensions and for these it is recommended to use cool settings for drying the hair roots. Sometimes the hair extensions ends may melt the keratin if the hair dryer is too hot.

Is it safe to use hair straighteners on hair extensions?

Hair Straighteners can be used for straightening hair extensions if they are made of human hair, but it is advised to use different heat settings to keep the temperature varied. It is not recommended to use hair straighteners on lower temperatures as they would need to pass over the hair multiple times and could damage it. In contrast, running the straighteners over the same hair strands many times can also sometimes lead to the hair extensions melting. It is necessary to try different temperature settings to check what temperature is most suitable and effective. The temperature that is used for straightening is very critical and care needs to be taken.

Is it safe to use curling tongs on hair extensions?

Curling tongs are comparatively safe to be used with natural hair extensions and can also be used for curling artificial hair. Curling tongs are sometimes harsh and prolonged use may lead to hair breakage. It is important to use the curling tongs for different times and keep the hair curled within the tong to find the best time required for desired curling. Curling tongs also need a specific temperature, as too high temperature may damage the hair strand. The duration required by the curling tong to curl your normal hair and hair extension is different and thus it is important to find the time required for your own hair.

Is it safe with heated rollers on hair extensions?

Hair is one of the most attractive features of our appearance and with a current wavy hair trend there is lot of speculation about use of heated rollers on hair extensions. Heated rollers are perfect for use at low temperatures and help create a wavy look to the hair extensions. It is however important not to have the temperature too high as this may melt the bonds. It is also necessary to carefully use the rollers so that the hair end extension bonds don’t entangle around the rollers. There are some hair strands with pre-bonded hair tip glue extensions and thus care needs to be taken to avoid direct contact with high roller temperature or else the bonds will melt and damage.

Heat Protection and hair styling:

It is now clear that heated styling tools can be used on hair extensions but adequate care needs to be taken to prevent melting or hair damage. Before using any heated tools, it is necessary to use heat protection sprays or serum to reduce heat related damage. These artificial heat protectors are very effective in taking care of hair extensions and keep them in good condition. Hair extensions help in making your natural hair look beautiful and can be maintained beautifully with proper care.

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