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Hair Extension Application Tools

Want to save time as well as money? Instead of going to a professional hairstylist, you can invest in your own hair extension application tools to use at home. It's better to have your own pliers, tapes, threaders, and other necessary accessories so you can apply and remove hair extensions on your own (under specialist guidance). Stop worrying about booking appointments at your favorite salon or waiting in queue. You can freely try your new hair extensions any time you want.

Using your own hair extension application tools is fun and enjoyable. You get to experiment with different types of hair extensions while discovering new shades and hairstyles that suit you. Excited to purchase a set of hair extension application tools? Before you do that, read these tips first.

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It's easy to find hair extension application tools because they are sold in different stores online. But if you want to make sure that you are getting high-end tools used at professional salons, buy only from a trusted hair extension supplier. Avoid purchasing from online marketplaces, especially if the merchants are not well-known. It’s better to buy from an established and dedicated online store for hair extensions since they are direct suppliers. We can always guarantee you that we provide quality products at reasonable prices.

Consider the type of hair extensions you are using:

Keep in mind that the tools for applying u-tip hair extensions will be different from the tools required for installing micro-ring hair extensions. Therefore, before buying a kit, you have to double-check its contents. See to it that they are complete with all the tools and accessories needed to apply and remove the hair extensions.

For u-tips, you need a sectioning comb, removal solution, loop brush, and a heat applicator. You will also need special accessories like finger protectors and heat shield packets to protect your hair and scalp from the heat. For micro-rings application kit, it should have a EZ threader, opener plier, pulling needle, and smooth-jaw extension plier.