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How To Maximize & Get The Most From Your Dry Shampoo

When you are in a hurry and want to ensure that your hair look good how can you find the time to wash your hair and then dry it? In such times dry shampoo comes as a savior! This product is great for anyone who is in hurry or even wants to add some volume to the roots of their hair. While using dry shampoo you can get maximum benefit if you follow our instructions below:

Never Spray Too Close:

While using dry shampoo you need to follow the instructions located on the bottle, and it explains that you have to spray at least from a distance of 10-15 cm. This ensures that the spray does not get concentrated in any one area. If it gets concentrated it will get wet. Before you style with the dry shampoo make sure that you leave it for a minute or two so that excess oil is soaked up.

Use It At Night:

Dry shampoo must be sprayed at the roots before going to sleep. You will get best results as when you sleep the dry shampoo will absorb excess oil from your hair. Brush your hair in the morning. In case you have curly hair go for bedhead look. Do not forget to massage your hair for distributing the powder.

Quick Blast With Your Hairdryer:

The best way to manage your hair by using a dry shampoo is to blast the hair with the help of hair dryer. It will evenly distribute the shampoo on your scalp and also increase the volume.

Don’t Use In Excess In Place Of Regular Shampoo:

Using dry shampoo is really great for managing your greasy hair but never ever replace your hair cleansing routine with it! Dry shampoo is a powder that soaks up excess oil from your hair, it is not a cleanser. If you use it excessively then your scalp may face a dandruff problem. Thus, use it on those days when you do not have time for fresh bath.

Add Volume With It:

No doubt that dry shampoo is great for use in order to make your hair silky instead of having a greasy look! Still that is not what you only get by using dry shampoo. In case you are tired of your thin and limp hair, use it as a volumizer. Just spray it on the roots of your hair and then back brush it to enjoy a lift in your hair!