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Amazon Pay

You may have noticed that there's more than one way to checkout of the HairXtensions.co.uk online store. You can choose to either:

▪ Checkout via the main HairXtensions.co.uk checkout process
▪ Checkout via Amazon Pay
▪ Checkout via PayPal

All about Amazon Checkout

You may have noticed that there's more than one way to checkout of the HairXtensions.co.uk online store. You can either choose to checkout via the main HairXtensions.co.uk checkout process, or you can choose to checkout via Amazon Checkout.

Both options fulfill a similar purpose in that you can use either checkout process to pay; both allow you to decide where you'd like your order delivered, which delivery service you'd like and which card you'd like to pay with... but there are some differences.

This article is designed to help you understand what Amazon Checkout is and how it works, allowing you to make the right checkout choice for your needs.

So what is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Checkout allows you to buy goods from many different online stores... not just from HairXtensions.co.uk... in just a few clicks.

Once you've registered with Amazon Checkout, there's no need to spend time entering your billing and shipping information with each separate store you buy from. Instead, all you have to do is log-in with a single username and password.

Registering is easy - simply enter your address and payment details with Amazon Checkout when you're ready to check out, and then you can then buy online using your single username and password at any site displaying the Amazon Checkout logo. Amazon Checkout is also secure. Amazon will never share your card details with any merchants so wherever you see the Amazon Checkout logo, you can be assured that shopping will be safe.

With Amazon Checkout, you can enjoy the convenience of viewing and managing all the orders you have placed at any Amazon Checkout enabled store in one central place... your Amazon Checkout Account.

How Does Amazon Checkout Work?

Just follow these simple steps:

Find something you'd like to purchase from a store that accepts Amazon Checkout.

▪ Add item(s) you'd like to buy to the store's shopping cart/basket.
▪ When you're ready to check out and complete your purchase, click the Amazon Checkout button instead of the retailer's own checkout button. You'll need to log in to your Amazon Checkout account, or create one if you haven't already. Click here to learn more about creating an account.
▪ Review your order details then click "Place your order now". You're done!
▪ After you place an order, Amazon Checkout will send you a confirmation email along with a receipt.

Do I need to log into my HairXtensions.co.uk account to use Amazon Checkout?

You needn't firstly log into your HairXtensions.co.uk account in order to checkout via Amazon (in fact you don't even need to open a HairXtensions.co.uk account at all), however this does mean that you wouldn't be able to view, track, or cancel your order via dabs.com.

If you don't firstly log into your HairXtensions.co.uk account before checking out via Amazon Checkout, then should you need to cancel your order, you will have to log into your Amazon Checkout to do this.

Which Credit/Debit cards can I use via Amazon Checkout?

You can use any of the following cards via Amazon Checkout.

▪ Visa/Visa Electron
▪ MasterCard
▪ Switch/Maestro
▪ Solo

Any credit/debit card information you enter will be stored in your Amazon Checkout account. Please note that charges to your payment cards will be made by "Amazon Checkout Corporation". Amazon will not share your payment card details with HairXtensions.co.uk (or indeed with any other Amazon Checkout merchant).

Special Delivery

If you use our Special Delivery upgrade and purchasing with Amazon Checkout here are the cut-off times (Mon-Fri: 3pm)

Amazon Checkout has a really good Buyer Help Centre where you'll find lots of useful advice on using Amazon Checkout. As you'd expect from Amazon, their Buyer Help Centre is really easy to navigate or to search for an answer to virtually any Amazon Checkout question. Click here to visit the Amazon Checkout Buyer Help Center now.