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Colour Match Guarantee

We want to make it easy for you the customer to match up your hair as the best you can, therefore we can created a simple way in which you can do this as in reality it can be a tricky task. Here are the simple guidelines to follow to match up with your hair extensions.

Colour Chart:

Our online Colour Chart is a good way of matching up your colours, although due to different screen resolutions, these colours could appear slightly different, therefore may not show as accurate colour.


If you send your pics to us via email, we will try our best to match up your colours to the best we can, again this may not be accurate but it will certainly give us a good idea which nearest colour your hair is.

Colour Ring:

Purchasing a Remy Colour Ring from us is one of the best ways of matching up your or your clients hair, we provide this at an affordable price, and can be used over and over again. Each colour swatch contains 35 colours natural and vibrant colour tones. Its a wise investment for all hair extensionists and stylists. We now also offer our colour ring for rental, simply purchase the Rent a Colour Ring and it is yours to use for up to 30 days, once you have finished with it please return the colour ring back to us and we will offer you a refund for the cost price!

Send Your Samples:

To get an exact colour match, send in a sample of your hair or a hair extension and our professional hair stylists we do an analysis to match you colour the best we can. Please note, remember to include a cover letter along with your contact details i.e. name, address and email address. Once received, we will analyze the hair sample and contact you via email with the closest results.


Please feel free to send your samples to:

Po Box 557, Eastleigh
Hants, SO50 0GJ

Note: Sometimes in reality it may not be possible to get an exact colour match, therefore it is advisable to match up the nearest colour possible whether its a little darker or lighter, it should blend in nicely and still give that natural appearance.