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How To Retip Your Old Hair Extensions

Re-Tipping Hair Extensions – What are the Advantages?

Re-tipping hair extensions can be a good thing to learn. You can re-tip all the ends, and refit them. It can also save you costs, given that you can recycle hair for the second time. As a regular hair extension user or even as someone who fits hair extensions, it can be a good thing to learn how to re-tip hair extensions that are pre-bonded – given that these may be used for multiple hair extension fittings.

When hair extensions are properly looked after by following all the suppliers’ advice, they can last for many months. Hair extensions can last for 2-3 months at least. But with additional care and some love, extensions can be retained by wearers for longer – which makes the effort worthwhile. There are plenty of advantages when you re-tip hair extensions.


Why Do You Require Re-Tipping of Your Hair Extensions?

Once hair extensions are in for long time, the bond can break down eventually and get softer than before. It is natural, however through styling and washing, hair extensions can get wet regularly. Over a period a few months, it can make the bond weaker. It can also be more apparent in case the bond is cut of the bond prior to the fitting of the extensions to reduce its size. However, cutting the bonds is not advisable – as it lets more water get in when the seal is broken. It can make the bonds get softer much faster.


What Are The Advantages Of Re-Tipping Hair Extensions?

The primary advantages of re-tipping extensions for hair include:

Its Cost-Effectiveness: The primary benefit is that you can save costs. You can wear these over a period of 2 to 3 months, and these can grow down gradually until the time passes and you can remove them. But if your hair is in a good state still, you may re-use it for another time. However, it cannot be applied using the same bond again. This is because it would not hold as properly as in the first time.

More Durable: When you re-tip your hair extensions, you can begin with a new solid tip. You can go ahead and reapply. The extension would remain in position for many more months until you would like to replace it with a completely new set.


Re-Tipping Hair Extensions – What all are Needed?

If you wish to re-tip hair extensions, you would need various items:

• Original Old Hair Extensions (minus stray hairs and rings)
• A Heat Matt
• A Pair of Hair Scissors
 Keratin Glue or Keratin Rebonds
 A Heat Fusion Connector/Wand
 Finger Protective Protectors
 Retipping Extension Pliers


Guide to Re-Tipping of Hair Extensions:

1. You would first have to make sure that all your hair extensions are proper and neatly arranged, and get rid of any original tubes or micro rings. Make use of hair conditioner and shampoo to clean up your hair extensions. Then straighten the extensions and thoroughly brush them.
2. Once your hair extensions are in proper state, you have to look for a flat clear table where you can work without any interference for the next couple of hours or more. The place is likely to be slightly messy for some time.
3. You have to sit close to an plug outlet, so that you can insert the wand of your fusion connector into it. Use an extension lead with surge protection feature while plugging in the connector and charging it. This will ensure full protection for the device as you charge it, and even if you forget to turn the power supply off.
4. Put the wand on the heat matt, to ensure it is fully protected. Use a table cloth or something similar to cover the remaining part of the table. It is likely to be slightly messy in there.
5. Once you plug the connector wand in, you would like to place it such that the keratin grain or rebonds may be put on a plate and can let it melt gradually. It is important to be careful with the placement.
6. As the bead is melting, prepare your first hair piece. Take the first strand and cut the old bond off with your hair scissors, which can leave the loose hair with you. Try trimming as near to the bond as you can, so as to avoid making the hair extensions much shorter.
7. You have to put on your finger protectors now, given that it may be too hot when you put the extension in the keratin beads. It can keep you safe from any burning sensation.
8. Once your bead is melted completely, put the extension’s end within the heat connector – to have about a centimeter of it within the glue. Close the wand gradually and squeeze any additional glue away, pulling the extension from the connector. Turn the hair extension at right angle and have the procedure repeated. Cover the extension end completely, and squeeze any extra glue away.
9. When you turn the extensions, make sure keratin covers all the hair. It can prevent the shedding of your hair extensions.
10. After keratin covers your extension fully, you would have to roll the keatin so it creates the shape of stick tip. Use your thumb and index finger to roll the extension and achieve this. Alternative if you would like to create nail-tip bonds you can use the retipping hair extensions pliers.
11. Once you form the stick tip, trim its end to make it look tidy and neat. You will then have to seal the hair end, and dip the tip of the stick tip created newly into the leftover keratin on the connector. To do this, you need just a small amount.
12. After finishing work on the first extensions, you have to devote attention to the next. Work through slowly until each extension has been re-tipped.
13. You would not require a new keratin piece for each hair extension that you work on, given that the remnants from a prior extension might be sufficient. Excessive keratin may leave a mess. Thus, you have to monitor how much keratin is being used, to determine whether another bead is required. Generally, a single bead can be sufficient for two hair extensions.
14. After you are done with all hair extensions, have a tube or micro ring close at hand. Check whether the stick tip can fit within it, and your natural hair gets enough space as well. In case the stick tip is excessively large, you would just have to melt the bond again. Squeeze the excess keratin away, and roll again until you can fit the extension.

You would need heated tools for this method, and need to be more cautious to make sure there are no burn injuries or the objects nearby do not catch fire in the process. Follow standard safety measures to keep safe while you're-tip your hair extensions properly in an attempt to achieve the best effects. If you feel you need some help, you may see the assistance of a friend or family member.

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