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How To Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions

What Are Tape Hair Extensions?

Taped hair extensions are a method that is an ideal solution for a natural, perfectly seamless, and no-hassle solution. They are a safe hair extension that is damage-free and lightweight. The tape-in installation technique has already taken the entire world by surprise and is now the best seller throughout the UK. The hair extensions with tape are a method offering full, long, and lustrous hair in less than an hour’s time for a full head application. It is available in a range of lengths, colours, and qualities.

The tape is strong and durable which can last for a period of around 4 to 6 weeks, enabling your natural hair to grow. These extensions are made of real Chinese Remy hair and has a recommended usage/lifespan of around 2-3 months and are the same as your natural hair, therefore you can reapply these extensions with ease. You can restyle them to suit your needs and cut so that you reflect your mood. They will look completely natural and will go unnoticeable.

Do Tape Hair Extensions Wear Down Your Hair?

The method of tape hair extensions is designed cleverly that the bondings of the tape hair extension attachment distribute the weight across the hair strands, thereby prevent the extensions from slipping out your natural hair. The hair extensions may be worn for approximately 4-6 weeks can be reattached with tape refills. In fact, it is easy to remove the tape extensions with a pin tail comb and a remover. The tape dissolves, allowing removing your hair extensions gently with the same ease as you put them in. You can also remove the residue of the tape if any and reuse the same tape hair extension by applying new tape refills to the used bondings and attach hair as before, it is easy process.

The Number Of Extensions Required?

The tape hair extensions are required based on the look you wish to create and also your hair natural type is taken into consideration. In case, you are wishing to give your natural hair a thick volume look, 3-4 packs are recommended. In case you desire to have your natural hair with a half head application, we suggest having between 2 to 3 packs. More or less packs maybe required, please consult your hair stylist for more assistance.

Preparation Before Application:

Firstly we highly recommend a Consultation Form to be filled out prior to application and also a skin test. A patch test should be undertaken to check that you don’t have an allergic reaction to the adhesive tape. For further advice how to carry out a skin patch test please visit Patch Test Explained

How To Reuse Tape Extensions?

Removing the hair tape extensions is possible and it can be done effortlessly using a pin tail comb and a remover. The hair tape dissolves allowing one to gently eliminate hair extensions easily and to put them in its place. The next step is to remove the residue of any hair tape. You can reuse the hair tape extension after one use by applying new Replacement Tape Strips that work as bondings and they also stay attached to your hair in the same manner.

Tips To Wash Your Hair?

Its essential to keep your extensions in good condition to help your taped hair extensions stay nicer for a longer period of time. It is also very important to choose good products for hair care. The product should have lots of nutrients and moisture. Always use brushes that are meant for hair extensions. A very valuable tip is to avoid washing the hair extension frequently. Use a dry shampoo if required and in this way you can give some rest to your hair. The dry shampoo helps your hair extension and hair to stay beautiful for a longer time.

Steps To Wash Your Taped Hair Extensions:

▪ Separate your hair using your brush and fingers so it is detangled.

▪ Apply shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water. Carefully massage into the hair extensions using the shampoo in downward movements.

▪ Rinse and gently squeeze the water out.

▪ Use 1–3 times per week a hair masque. After shampooing, apply hair masque in a generous amount to the hair lengths and ends. Leave for 5–10 minutes.

▪ Rinse using luke-warm water, gently squeeze the water out, and apply extension conditioner.

▪ Rinse well and squeeze out the water gently using a towel. Allow your hair to naturally air dry and brush it.

Prepare Your Tape Extensions As You Sleep:

The tape extensions feature thin bondings that are convenient to wear on even while sleeping. Thus, prior to going to bed, it is best to brush and comb or even braid your hair. This will reduce the wear and tear of your hair and also reduce the tangles. Your hair will look tangle-free in the morning, and it is always a win-win situation.

How To Style Tape Hair Extensions?

The tape hair extensions are not different to your own natural hair therefore you can cut and style the hair extensions as you desire. Based on the result you want, you can cut your hair after adding the hair extensions. You may have genuine hair strands and you can easily cut them and shape as your natural hair. For best results, creating a balance between natural hair extensions and your natural hair is a must so that the gaps will not be visible. You can cut the extensions using scissors and the extension hairs strand can be thinned out at the roots. In fact, we suggest you speak with your hair stylist for further advice.

The tape hair extensions can be styled as per your choice based on your natural hair. Using a flat iron, curling iron or other hot tools for your hair, we suggest using a heat protection serum so that it shields/protects both your hair and the harsh heat exposure. Styling your hair using heat is possible, but one must be careful as the tape hair extensions fastening points must be avoided.

How To Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions:

Tape-in hair extensions are wonderful if you wish to lengthen your hair temporarily or add some faux-highlights. These are temporary to place the tape-in hair extensions in. It does not require heat fusion applicator and so applying at home is possible without the need for a stylist. However this is done at your own risk and we always recommend using a trained professional. As the foremost step, you may section the top portion of your hair, slowly one by one tape in the extension. However, you must be very careful in wearing the extensions so that they do not tangle. Also frequently brush your hair and ensure to take extra time washing your extensions carefully and correctly.


Sectioning Your Hair:

Product Recommendation: Hair Sectioning Grippers

▪ Washing your hair helps to keep the extensions for a longer time and also highly recommend cleaning your natural hair to remove any aftercare products or reduce oily hair as this can cause slippage therefore prior to applying for the extensions, you may wash and dry your hair normally.

▪ Make a part on the scalp and from your neck nape for an inch use comb or a finger so that a horizontal part is made. Apply the extensions close to the line and the part such that your upper hair hides the clips.

▪ Section off the hair on the top and this can be done using hair clips or a hair tie. It helps to secure the hair above the part line. Ensure it is secured completely and in this way, you can keep your hair from falling down and also secure the extensions from not getting in your way of sectioning.

▪ Remove your hair thin portion that is on the non-clipped part and try to push the thin hair strand below the part line such that it is between the top and bottom extensions. The sandwiching hair strand should be thin and both extensions adhesive tape can stick through the hair. You can grab a thin hair strand from the hair for one extension line length below your part line. Ensure the hair is thin to feel another through the hair through your fingers.

▪ Measure the section, attach the extension, use a tape measure and measure the hair section parted. Thus, you can assess the extension pieces required to add along the hair section. You must follow the same procedure for each section.


Fitting The Extensions:

Product Recommendation: HairX Pro Tape Application Pliers

▪ Take a thin portion of your hair strand and attach the extension in the bottom. Take your hair strand and lift up a little. Remove the bottom extension strip that has the adhesive so that the adhesive is open to be stuck to your hair. Gently press underneath the bottom extension such that the thin hair stand is above the bottom extension you are lifting.

▪ Secure top extension, take the top extension and after the adhesive tape is removed, cover the extension, and press the hair strand on the top. The extension on the top and bottom should glue together so that it looks like. Finally, press everything together and for a few seconds press with pliers so that it stays secure and you feel the confidence.

▪ In case the extensions fail to stick properly, it means you have to use much hair strands. If so, brush gently some hair and move it off from the bottom extension.

Repeat the process. Try to follow the same procedure to move across the side part until you added all extensions. The extensions precise number depends on your head size. There may be a need for around 5 rows of hair extensions or even more, based on the volume you wish to have your hairstyle.

Adding extensions to your head sides may be your plan, and if so, make sure to leach 1 inch of hair horizontally out such that it is close to the ear and apply for extensions. If the hairline is thinner, you can leave around 1 inch of hair across your entire hairline prior to adding extensions. Finally, ensure your hair has the required density so that it neatly covers the tape-ins and nothing should be noticeable. It should appear as any normal hair.

When Is It Time To Remove The Extensions?

As taped hair extensions are installed in the scalp area they cannot be left over a long period of time, we recommend around 1-2 months maximum before they need to be removed and re-applied. If you feel the tapes pulling on your natural hair its time for you to remove them! Taped hair extensions are sold as a short term solution for semi-permanent hair extensions.

How To Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions?

We suggest using our Tape-In Remover Solution simply spray the remover on the adhesive tapes, allow to soak in, and start to peal apart the tapes. We do not recommend using other remover solutions like acetone or other oils as they simply won't work. If there is residue stuck in the hair, we suggest using olive oil. Coat the hair with olive oil to the effected parts and this will help loosen up the sticky adhesive. An essential piece of kit for tape removal is our HairX Pro Tape Removal Kit. If you warm the oil on your hair, by heating it with your hairdryer for around 30 seconds, and allow the oil to remain on your hair for a few minutes. Then carefully brush through your hair with a fine-toothed comb this will help remove the tape residue. If any residue is left please repeat the process and until its completely gone.

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