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Different Ways To Use Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Using hair extensions is the best way to add volume and length to your locks. For one, these extensions look more natural as they are made from real natural human hair. It won't look like you’re wearing any extensions at all because they blend easily with your natural hair. They can also withstand regular use. You can style them in various ways just like your real hair.

One of the most loved human hair extensions within the UK is clip-in type. Clip-in hair extensions is one of the easiest to wear because all you have to do is to clip them in your hair (methodically, of course). There’s no need for any additional tools for sewing or bonding. All you have to prepare is a handy comb to help you part your hair properly.

Like other types of human hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions can also be styled in different ways. Here are two hairstyles you can try.

Use two shades of hair extensions:

This style is great for those who are struggling to find the perfect shade of clip-in hair extensions because they have highlights or lowlights. The trick here is to blend the two different shades together to get a custom look. You have to know where the darker shades and the lighter shades are so the extensions will be less obvious and so that you can create a beautifully voluminous and highlighted head of hair.

Low ponytails, buns, and braids:

These hairstyles are so quick to do. You won't need to clip-in too many hair extensions. You don’t have to worry about bulges, either, because you won't be clipping any extensions past your ear. Low ponytails, low buns, and low braids look more natural and seamless. It's harder to tell whether you are wearing hair extensions or not because the clips are hidden well.

For further information about Clip-In Hair Extensions please visit our Clip Ins How-To Guide.