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Steps For Removing Micro Ring Hair Extensions At Home

Normally we advise hair extensions should not be removed by clients themselves. The extensions must be removed with the help of a trained professional, but this season during lockdown or even when you are told you have to self-isolate it is stopping everyone from moving out of their homes, so what can be done? You can try it yourself but you must be very careful. You will require help of your friend or member of your household and few tools like hair extension pliers, a pin tail comb, and some hair clips.

Step 1: You should start removing the extensions from bottom base of the neck and gradually work towards the top. Remember to handle the sides at the end. For easy access clip away and section the remaining hair.

Step 2: Take the extension pliers and hold the ring tightly. Squeeze them in the direction opposite to what they are flattened. At first start apply light pressure, if the rings do not loosen then exert a little more pressure. The rings will widen gradually. After that the hair will come out easily and you can slip out the rings. If you have worn the extensions for some time then you may have to gently pull the rings to loosen them.

Step 3: At the place where the extension was installed you may find little cluster of old hair. This is completely normal so you need not worry about them but you should carefully comb your hair so that you do not face any problem when you wash your hair. You should not comb directly but slowly prise apart the hair. The tangles should be loosened slowly so that the hair is not damaged, ideally start with your fingers and then use a wide tooth comb for this process.

Step 4: After removing the cluster you can comb the hair properly. You have to keep patience and do this for each extension one by one. Note that in a day you normally lose around 150 hairs. Again this is nothing to worry about, its completely normal.

While doing the whole procedure you must be very careful as if you wish to hurry then you may not be able to remove all of them. The micro rings are very small and you need to be careful during each and every step that you take.

In case you want to use the hair extension again after self-isolating then you should be very careful with the extensions when removing them. Keep them safe in a drawer so that they are kept straight and tangle-free. When you are ready to use them again you can call and again visit your professional stylist who will install your old extensions again.

For removal tools and further advice please visit our Stick-Tip (i-tip) Removal Tutorial Guide.