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Tape-in Hair Extensions Education: 7 Reasons Why Tape-In Hair Extensions Are Right for You

taped hair extensions uk

Tape-in hair extensions are excellent options for adding volume and length to your hair. They are not high-maintenance as you think, as they provide semi-permanent options that eliminate concerns around cost, damage, and looking obvious. Let’s explore more reasons why they’re right for you.

1. Easy to use and remove

Compared to traditional extensions, tape-in versions are super-quick to set up, taking only around 20 to 60 minutes. Just be sure to get it done by a pro. They use high-quality double-sided tape to sandwich your natural hair between the extensions. If you change your mind or don’t want the extensions anymore, apply the Tape Bond Removal Solution, and it should allow the tape in hair extensions to slide out from your hair without pulling. Another bonus: it won’t leave any residue!

2. Comfortable to wear

Tape-in extensions are more comfortable to wear. When properly installed, they won’t constantly remind you that you’re wearing them when you lay on a pillow, wear a hat, move, flip your hair, or pat your head. They are lightweight and won’t cause pain, allergies, or discomfort on your scalp.

3. No one can tell you’re wearing them

High-quality tape-in hair extensions come in different colours, allowing you to find the perfect shade that goes well with your hair.

4. Adds volume to thin hair

Traditional hair extensions can look bumpy and unnatural on thin hair. Tape-ins have flat and thin bonds for an even and smooth application. The bonds are invisible, so they are hardly obvious from afar.

5. Reusable

High-quality tape-in extensions are worth the investment as they are reusable and last long. That makes them more cost-effective than other options. Replacement Tape Strips ae available from our store.

6. Waterproof

You don’t have to worry about the waterproof adhesive bonds melting or breaking down when you swim, sweat, or get drenched in the rain.

7. Low-maintenance

Tape-In Hair Extensions require minimal maintenance, making them hassle-free and low-cost to wear. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you just need to drop by the salon every six to eight weeks to let a professional reapply and shift them up. That makes them perfect for busy individuals.